Mission Statement

To paint!

The studio is a supportive and non-judgemental learning space where members gather to paint. The skill level of the group ranges from beginner to professional. This is not a painting class, though a lot of learning goes on. Rather it’s about putting brush to canvas. The studio is open to most media with the exception of oil based paint, as the studio is not equipped with any suitable ventilation.


Studio XX endeavours to be inclusive and non-judgemental. Along with your membership fees, you must respect all members and remember no one is a paid instructor. Any support given is intended to be helpful and out of the goodness of someone’s heart as it cuts into their painting time. We have a great bunch of people so if you’re not, please don’t join.

Key Member: $250 for 5 months, there are only three key members who have a ‘key’, they are responsible for opening and locking up.

Full Membership $150 for five months - up front. Entitles full membership privileges which would include reduced course fees, first priority into Studio-held courses and events, and various other projects held throughout the year.

Monthly membership can now be obtained for $40 with no yearly commitment. This address’ our seasonal members.

Associates Membership may attend for $10 a visit up to 10 times a year. This accommodates those people who have other commitments but still would like to be a part of the group.

Your first visit to the Studio is free. 

All studio communication is via email.

The Studio

The studio size is 25 ft x 31 ft plus a cloak room of 5 ft x 25 ft - 900 sq.ft. It is equipped with a large 16 foot table, easels, glass pallets and great light. We offer picture wire, hardware and protective corners at discount pricing to members. To see the space in detail go to www.mystudiospace.ca

Mini Lesson

At the beginning of each studio there is a short 15 minute lesson on a subject pertaining to painting.  Peter usually leads this but anyone is welcome to share their knowledge on some aspect of the craft.

Tea Time

Tea time is the favourite part of studio for most of us. After a pleasant afternoon of painting, we stop at 4:00 pm for tea and treats. The treats are provided on an ad hoc basis by individual members. Some times we have bounty and other times the crumbs from the week before. Some of the health conscious members bring veggies or fruits, but most succumb to temptation and bring traditional tea fare. Teas and hot chocolate are provided by the studio with most kind regular members bringing the milk. We have a microwave and kettles but no refrigeration. Each member is expected to take a turn cleaning up after tea. 


While enjoying our tea time, we critique the work of those members who wish to have their painting openly discussed.  There is no pressure to put your work out there for critique, but since this is such a supportive and helpful group, critique is considered one of the strong points of the Studio to help you get the best out of your painting. We focus on understanding, not ‘BS’ing (Beautiful Statements) the artist with a lot of unhelpful praise.

For those critiquing, we ask only that you attempt to understand what the artist is trying to convey. In your mind it could be the ugliest thing you have ever seen or the most beautiful - what is important is the why. We never offer an opinion unless asked and then ‘with respect’ remembering it is only ‘our opinion’. This critique is constructive, supportive and optional. If all you are after is praise, show your mother.

In the Community

Studio XX has done a number of group projects as fund raisers for both the Studio and for different charities. Past projects have included the Owen Sound 150th Celebration, Safe N’ Sound Homeless Initiative, The Owen Sound Little Theatre 50th Anniversary and the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter Pet Project. An important aspect of these group projects is the learning experience for participating members. Your studio fees cover the material expenses of these projects. To see past group projects visit www.studioxx.ca


Studio members can display their work at no cost, other than the venue’s commission, at any show the studio organizes or participates in. This gives each member a chance to exhibit, many for the first time, without requiring a large body of work to fill an entire show booth. If you only have one painting, you can hang with the rest of us! A favourite of ours is the annual Lion’s Head Show as proceeds support the arts in Bruce County.


Members are given the opportunity to go on field trips. Past trips have included a tour of Tri-Art paints in Kingston, a weekend art getaway at Grebe Lodge in a remote area of the Bruce Peninsula and an overnight stay in Toronto to ogle various art galleries. Future trip may include a Tuscan tour.


A few painting classes with top instructors are offered throughout the year to members at a discounted price.

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